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Do You Live to Work, Or Work to Live?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

At my previous company, my partners and I agreed on many issues. We also disagreed on a number of issues. But perhaps the biggest area of disagreement between myself and my partners was work style.

As a consulting company, we tracked each hour of each employee’s day. We knew what they did and for how long they did it. We could calculate an employee’s total number of hours worked per year, average hours worked per day/week/month, what activities they spent most of their time focused doing, and therefore, each employee’s chargeability. That is consulting slang for how much profit we could squeeze out of each lemon employee. Read more »

The New Garage: Bootstrapping Your Startup

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

I came across a Google Plus debate awhile back discussing what the new garage was for startups. To give you a brief background, a few famous startups actually started in a garage.

The Apple boys used Jobs’ parents’ free garage. The Google boys used a friend’s garage for free (initially). HP founders used an unattached garage that was part of the home for which they shared the rent (Dave Packard and his wife lived in the house).

Read more »

Are You a Successful Project Manager Or a Reluctant Leader?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

In my previous incarnations as an executive at two different consulting firms, I often came across the type of person that I refer to as the reluctant leader, or the reluctant manager. I use this term somewhat euphemistically. This type of person is more aptly described as having or exhibiting one or more of the following attributes: being clueless about their role and responsibilities; scared that they are in over their head; ineffective at managing people and projects. Read more »