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Twitter Lists

Below you will find some of my Twitter Lists. Each list contains those people (or companies) that I find add the most value to the list’s topic. I have not added all of the people that I follow to lists. I add or subtract a person (company) from a given list based on their frequency of tweets, the value I believe they add to the topic, or simply by random lottery.

A number of the people I follow could fit into more than one list. When that is the case, and I’ve decided to place them on one of my lists, I choose the topic with which I believe they are best associated—or at least provide me with the most insight. It does not mean that I do not value their opinions on other topics. The only exception is myself. I place myself on each of my lists so that anyone who subscribes to one of my lists will see my tweets.

If you have others whom you think add value to a given topic below, please contact me and let me know.