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Software With Freedoms, Not Free Software

Friday, October 12th, 2012

I’ve been an open source advocate, devotee, user, and developer for many years. I’m a member of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). I frequently write about the Open Web, Social Web, and Open Source of all types (software, hardware, science, data, Web standards).

Much of my recent work has been licensed under the GPL. The GPL is administered and promulgated by the FSF. Apparently what is now considered the open source movement, actually was the result of a schism from the free software movement. In other words, open source was spawned out of the free software movement, not the other way around.

To some, there are philosophical differences between the two movements. They can best be summed up as follows: all free software is open source but not all open source software is free (although much of it is). You can learn more about the subtleties of this argument in this article on the GNU website, Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software. Read more »

Nosquare and Nowalla: Polluting the Stream

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Location-based services are great. But please stop sending updates (check ins) to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It is the perfect example of social-networking tie-in gone wrong.

Why do I say this? It’s simple. For those of us that are hundreds or thousands of miles away–which could be many of your followers–tweeting your current location provides zero value. Read more »

It’s Chemical Free and Not Tested on Animals!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

As a trained scientist, there are two phrases that stir up my ire every time I see them in marketing copy: “chemical free” and “not tested on animals.” I know that may seem odd, but with our woefully-gullible and science-challenged populace, this is a real issue to me.

I was planning to post an article this morning about the Semantic Web and Web 3.0 but this gnawed at me as I just ran into these phrases once again. So, I decided to write a quick rant. I’ll post the more serious stuff in a week or two.

Okay, my rant is now officially beginning… Read more »

The Hot Air About Global Climate Change

Monday, January 4th, 2010

When it comes to science, the scientific process, and specifically the climate issue, most people are unfortunately ignorant. Case in point. The proper term is global climate change—not global warming. Read more »