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Release of BuddyPress Privacy Component Pushed Back One Week


Yes, I know. What??? How could you??!! And just on the greatly-anticipated eve of BP Privacy’s release? Is this a warped event caused by a rip in the space-time continuum or possibly even triggered by Daylight Savings Time? Is this some sort of a joke?

Nope. It is real. The reason is simple and practical.

This past Wednesday during the BuddyPress Developers’ Chat on IRC, it was decided that another subdecimal release of BP was necessary to provide a few fixes to some key bugs. BuddyPress v1.2.7 is scheduled to come out around the end of this coming week.

As I thought about this more and more over the past few days, I released that it is not a good practice to release a major new BuddyPress component targeted to a version of BuddyPress that will be obsolete a few days after launch. There is no way to determine how many additional changes to BuddyPress’ core files will be made over the next week—some of which could affect the operation of BP Privacy.

It would be foolish to release BP Privacy this coming Monday and then take a chance that it will play well with BP 1.2.7 when that comes out four or five days later. It could be an operations pain for my users and a support nightmare for me. So the prudent course of action is to postpone the release of BP Privacy pending the release of BP 1.2.7.

Therefore, BP Privacy will not be launching tomorrow, November 8, 2010. Instead, assuming BP 1.2.7 will be released as detailed in the link above–and that there are no major issues with it negatively affecting the operation of BP Privacy–the new launch date for BP Privacy will now be Monday, November 15, 2010.

It’s just one, short week. I’m just as eager to set this free as you are to get your hands on it. But prudence and patience must win out.

It’s Not a Total Loss

There are tangible benefits to this postponement. If you have not yet purchased a BuddyPress Privacy Component Support plan (BPCSP), this delay gives you an additional week to act. It will allow you another chance to get a great, permanent discount on support plans.

Furthermore, if you are a current advertiser on, I’m going to give you the full month of December at no additional cost. I cannot justify having my ad clients paying for a full month but not having a full month’s worth of regular traffic. So, December is on me!

This offer for an extra month (December) of advertising will apply to the last two remaining ad spots if they are leased before BP Privacy launches on Monday, November 15, 2010.

Article Comments

  1. I guess you know what’s best, but we’re really, really looking forward to it.

  2. Mycroft Holmes says:

    Rabidly, in fact. 🙂

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