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WordPress Hook Sniffer v0.14 Released!


As I posted about ten-days ago, my WordPress Hook Sniffer had a cold, its sniffer all clogged up and not functioning properly. Today, I release a once-again healthy, new and improved Hook Sniffer plugin for all WordPress plugin developers. There are a number of nice improvements.

(You can download the latest version of WordPress Hook Sniffer here. Please read the readme.txt file for important usage and installation notes.)

After the bug fixes, the most noticeable improvement is that you no longer need to manually install the modified plugin.php file—the file that gives hook sniffer its abilities. The plugin now automatically installs the modified plugin.php file upon plugin activation and then reinstalls the original, stock WP version of the /wp-includes/plugin.php file upon plugin deactivation. This means that when you deactivate the plugin, you can rest assured that WP Hook Sniffer no longer has any influence over the operation of WordPress.

As there are important differences between the /wp-includes/plugin.php files of WP 2.9.2 and WP 3.0, WP Hook Sniffer now requires WordPress 3.0. Upon activation, an automatic version check is performed to make sure that WP Hook Sniffer is installed on the proper version of WordPress. If the plugin is installed on an older version of WordPress, it will not run. A warning message is displayed in the Plugins directory and in the WP Hook Sniffer Settings screen.

Also, I’ve versioned the modified plugin.php file that comes with WP Hook Sniffer. Now, when you activate the plugin, it runs a check to make sure that the proper version of the modified plugin.php file is installed in /wp-includes.

Finally, I added a CSS file to improve proper code separation–the older version simply had inline CSS definitions–and renamed all CSS selectors to make them unique to the plugin.

If WordPress Hook Sniffer has become an indispensable tool in your WP plugin development toolkit, please donate to help me keep this plugin updated and its sniffer healthy! Thank you!

Sponsorship Levels

If you are a corporate user, consultant, plugin developer, or theme designer and profit from using my plugin, please consider donating at one of the upper levels. Thank you!

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