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Apple Watch
Months before the Apple Watch was revealed (then speculatively referred to as the iWatch), there were rumors that the watch may have as many as ten biosensors. However, at the big reveal this past Tuesday only one biosensor, a heart-rate monitor, was mentioned.

This week new reports came out reaffirming the rumors that the Apple Watch may indeed have more sensors yet to be revealed. One exciting possibility that struck me as I was watching the live reveal video was that the wristband may be one of the secrets Apple is planning to leverage.

Based on the below images, which are screen captures from the above linked to reveal video, could Apple be scheming to place additional sensors in the wristbands? Read more »

Stanford Torus Space Colony

I finally had time this morning to read Gideon Rosenblatt’s latest thought piece, Are Organizations Alive? A Different Take on the Evolution of Technology on his The Vital Edge blog.

It is another wonderful piece and an excellent read. It is not long, so please read it before continuing with my post.

So as not to thread jack his post announcing his article, I’ve written this post as my ideas might be considered tangential to his concept. But I believe they are actually a different way to approach the same issue. Read more »

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